What is dermatosemiotic

Dermatosemiotic is new approach to dermatology in which skin understood as complex adaptive system , that is , as semiosis, relational livig System which embody our cognitive,biological,social and ecological dimensions.

Understanding skin in this way make us understand why skin disorders are complex and wicked problems which resist traditional intervention.

This new trend of dermatology is the new road to new medicine known as System medicine or Lifeworld medicine,which i prefer ,as it is requested paradigm shift from machine system thinking to Lifeworld system thinking in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts .

Dermatosemiotic is holistic approach to skin , seeing skin as sign of patient Lifeworld and not just the biological body .

We need new kind of communication skils to elicit the semiotics of patient Lifeworld, which are unfortunately overlooked by traditional medical education curriculum which focused only on medical semiotics.


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43 years old , working as dermatologist and medical teacher, using semiotic phenomenology as psychotherapy for psychological intervention for patients with skin diseases and students with learning problems

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