What is semiotics

Semiotics is a Transdisciplinary science, that is , it is a meta-science , in Husserlian language,it is transcendental phenomenology, that is , it is formal ontology, General System Theory.

All these terms can replaced with one term which is complex adaptive system thinking , abbreviated as just : System Thinking.

I understand semiotics as a System Thinking in which the primacy is given to relations between the visible and the invisible in vertical or horizontal relation, hierarchy and network.

This make semiotics everything .

It is the condition that make life possible, that make relation possible,that make communication possible,that make thinking and reasoning possible.

Without semiosis there is no life , there is no thinking and action.

Semiotics is science of meaning , relations which integrates the possible with the actual, the invisible with the visible.

Sign is System of relations between signifer and signified


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43 years old , working as dermatologist and medical teacher, using semiotic phenomenology as psychotherapy for psychological intervention for patients with skin diseases and students with learning problems

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