Why Dermatosemiotics

Semiotics is science of signs .signs are embodied meaning,signification.

We need sign because we are absent, we are not present to ourselves without the mediation of time , place , body , this make us transcdental, not given in full presence, and consequently make us semiotics being ,searching for meaning, for the best expression,the best sign .

We are process ,not substance that can be separated from context and still having identity, we are connected to everything, our identity is relational ,semiosis, state of becoming, liquid identity inside flow of presence and absence .The absence has ontological status ,hence we are projected into absence,into the possible, this make language essential for us ,as it is the house of the possible,the absence which is actualized in perception and action.

This need to make the absent presenct either through action or language make semiotics primary, Ontology.

This explains why I understand semiotics as phenomenology, because phenomenology is science of perception,Presencing,presentation,and studying the conditions that make this presentationor semiosis truthful and disclosing the way things are , their ontology,their being.

This what make semiotics phenomenology formal ontology, study the Being (Truth /meaning) of beings.

The need for semiotics reflect our embodied nature and its spactiotemporality.

The function of signs is Presencing,making the invisible visible,making the absent present .

This intentionality of signs fulfilled through through ways :

Pictures, index, and words (language).

There are three kinds of signs :

1-Iconic signs in which the two things are related through simulation and picturing.

In this kind of semiosis,the sign present the things or people through pictures.

This kind of semiosis can be decoded without the need for active learning as the relationship that combines the two things are intrinsic.

2-Index signs work through awareness of the mereological relationship bewteen the signifier and signifed m seeing them as part and whole , seeing the as parts of one system .

This kind of semiosis is foundation for systemic thinking in which the relationship are natural and can be elicited from the things themselves.

For example , Understanding fire and smking as being parts of one process ,make us inferring the presence of each one by seeing either one of them .

The relationship is interdependence relationship, systemic relationship.

3- The third kind of semiosis is verbal semiotics in which every culture create code for naming things and events according to socially constructed rules.

This kind of semiosis is the origin of crisis when become natural whereas it is conventional and artificial.

Skin for example become symbolic organs through media and advertisements industry for the sake of branding their products which become symbolic,standing for beuty,sexual,attractiveness,self-esteem,power, confidence and acceptance by society.

Skin studied medically using indexical kind of semiosis ,searching for biological relation between skin changes and underlying pathology,but patients visit the dermatologist due to the symbolic semiotics of skin which is created socially and commercially.

This make us think of introducing dermatology as dermatosemiotic to meet the symbolic need of the patient in addition to the biosemiotic of the body .


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43 years old , working as dermatologist and medical teacher, using semiotic phenomenology as psychotherapy for psychological intervention for patients with skin diseases and students with learning problems

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